Jana Hocking: The benefits of a one-night stand

Jana Hocking: The benefits of a one-night stand

“I had the BEST sex last night!” I said rather too proudly at brunch with the girls recently. All leaned in to hear the goss, except one new friend to the group who said: “Wait . I didn’t know you were dating again?!”

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I explained it was a guy I’d become friends with recently and it was fabulous! We set our boundaries, agreed that it would be just for fun, made sure it was safe, and had a jolly good night.

I explained that, yes, I certainly could. And why should I be ashamed of it? She then went on to explain that she’s so over women talking about their bedroom antics, and don’t we worry that we’ll get a “name for ourselves”? She even went as far as saying “I wouldn’t want a role-model like that for my daughter when she grows up.”

I kid you not… it felt like I had stepped back in time. Not even the ’60s or ’70s when love was free, but further than that. Back to a time when a woman’s job was to get of a grander life.

It reminded me of my years at a very strict Christian high school. I vividly recall entering my “Christian Living” class one morning to see some very bold capital letters up on the chalkboard that said: “MEN USE LOVE TO GET SEX, WOMEN USE SEX TO GET LOVE.”


Then, for the next 45 minutes, I had to listen to a very God-fearing woman tell us that the devil will make us want sex, but we should abstain until we are married. Continue reading